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**This is not a walk in center please book or call in advance**

Servicing Saskatchewan with in-center and rental services for your hairloss needs and providing long distance clients with online support.  


There is HOPE for your hair


Welcome to Hope Hair Recovery & Scalp Center


Jennifer is a retired hair stylist and Saskatchewan's first Trichologist, focusing on hair loss, hair manageability and scalp conditions.   After losing my own hair, I focused my career on helping others regain their confidence and their hair.

Our Center is designed to provide you with a private space to discuss and treat your concerns. We provide 

customized in-center and at-home treatments in a comfortable and welcoming environment. 

Our goal is to be here when you need us the most to help you with your concerns and confidence.

We all have a story and we all have a purpose.

Losing your hair can be devastating, I understand, because I've been there. I spent 23 years behind the chair as a stylist and after 2 rounds of losing my hair and having the devastating news that I would lose all of my hair by age 60,  I retired from the world of hair dressing and chose to focus on hair loss and became Saskatchewan's first Trichologist.

I wanted to be able to provide support and services for hair loss so that no other person would have to feel what I felt that day.

Trichologists are hair and scalp experts that get to the root of your hair loss and scalp concerns by considering your medical history, lifestyle and environment.  We are able to measure the levels of hydration, sebum and pH of your scalp, we provide hair analysis, topical products and the latest in holistic technology and services in order to ensure that you have the best outcome possible. 


Finding the underlying cause of your hair loss and providing customized products and services to ensure you have the best outcome is my first priority so that you get your confidence back.


Whether you are seeking advice on hair loss, hair damage, hair thinning or scalp concerns such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema and are looking to restore your hair to its best possible condition - I can guide you to the solution with the ideal Hair Recovery Program suited to your exact needs.

Jennifer Cenaiko McCowan WTS

Certified Trichologist | WTS Professor

National Hair Loss Affiliate |American Hair Loss Council Member

2019 Woman of Distinction Finalist | Refined Magazine's Hair Loss Expert

Wigs for Kids Ambassador