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Cesare Ragazzi (CRLabs)

This Trichological line gives superb results for problematic hair and scalp concerns. CRLab follows a specific dermal-phytocosmetic philosophy for selecting raw materials of the highest quality as the base for its products, prepared with a refined production process in order to guarantee that the product is effective as possible for hair loss, dry and oily scalp isses including Seborrheic Dermatits, Psoriasis and Excema. Specific treatment lines and products for different hair and scalp health conditions are born from the synergy between essential oils, vitamins, trace minerals and milk proteins. The lotions - which are the result of a specific and carefully studied mix - are effective and non-aggressive, as they are prepared with a completely alcohol free emulsion of oil in water. The cleaning agents do not contain aggressive surfactants, which in some cases may damage the skin and follicles. We only use delicate surfactants with elevated cleansing properties that respect the skin, hair and keratin the strand. These products are dermatologically tested. In order to shop this line a consultation is required with a Trichologist in order to customize your treatment protocol.

Capilia Fine and Thinning Hair Kit for Women

The Fine and Thinning Kit is formulated to stimulate hair cells provide new vitality, deeply clean the scalp and counteract hair loss in women. This line is very competitvely priced with excellent results.

Capilia Fine and Thinning Kit for Men

Capilia Dandruff Line

Capilia for Oily Scalp

Hair Fact

Hair Fact is an evidence based, nutritional cylclical therapy that is designed to help strengthen follicles. A comprehensive protocol crafted and directed specifically for hair growth, this hollistic approach combines both vitamins and herbal combinations to improve the efficacy of treatments. In order to precent waste, overdose and interaction of nutrients, Grace Biogen has formulated a course of 6 oral supplements given twice weekly to provide the correct amount of antioxidants to ensure each dose offers maximum potency. Cyclical therapy uses a uniqe combination of two nutritional formulations per day over a three day cycle to cover six nutritional supplements. Low dose distribution enhances efficiency and assures safety. This approach invites the hair into the growth phase, providing the nutrituion required for rapid cell division to create new hair and remain in the growth phase longer. In conjunction with other hair loss modalities such as Tricho Gel and Laser Therapy along with topicals that maintain a clean and healthy scalp, hair fallout is often stabilized within the first month and we can often see regrowth beginning by month 4.


Juice Plus

Often our body is lacking basic vitamins and minerals that can be sourced from food and as busy as many of us are, its hard to get the daily recommended intake. Juice Plus has been featured in over 40 medical journals and contains key phytonutrients and is readily absorbed by the body reducing oxidative stress, promotes cardiovascular wellness, supports a healthy immune system and helps to protect DNA.

Invigor8 Shake

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