Jenn's dedication and passion are unwavering. She goes above and beyond to make sure you have the information, tools and resources to move forward with hope and success. She knows through her own trials and triumphs what works. She listens. Jenn has changed my life. I just don't know what I would do without her!

Jill Joa

My experience with Jennifer has been everything I hoped it would be. She always has time to listen to any questions or concerns that I may have. She continues to educate herself so she can provide you with the latest treatments available that relate your condition. Jennifer is flexible when it comes to treatments and doesn't hesitate to re-schedule if needed. I know hair regrowth is a journey and it is so great to have someone as patient and caring as Jennifer with you every step of the way!

Monica Beck

Jennifer has been a consistent contributor and hair health educator with Refined magazine for over a year, and we love having her! She's professional, articulate, compassionate and personable. Follow her columns in Refined and her stories on social media to see the results she is getting for her clients. It's remarkable! She'struly changing lives.

Crystal Reich, Refined Magazine Associate Publisher

I can not believe how knowledgeable this amazing lady is. Every time I see her she has more information to share with me. I ask a ton of questions and she always takes the time to answer every single one of them. I was struggling really ad with so many hair issues and she had taken the time to find a solution. This girl is your go to for any hair advice, hair issues or anything hair related!

Samantha Remillard

Hair loss for men can be a traumatic event. One that I hoped would not affect me but genetics, time and other factors were against me. Jennifer was very calming, optimistic, and was well researched as to what steps I should take to start my hair recovery journey. She has helped me for a year and the results are literally growing!

Scott Kucharyshen

Brown Hair

There is HOPE for your hair

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