Fall Care for Dried out Summer Hair

Now that fall is in full swing, most of us are noticing that our hair is a bit dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Similarly, the same can be said for our tight and dry scalps after all that boating and tanning.

A Scacial or scalp facial is in order. Can you imagine going all summer and not doing even the slightest facial? Allowing all of our dead skin cells to pile up, stock piling dirt and debris and lets not even mention what happens to our wrinkles.

Your scalp is no different, all of that gunk is simply disguised with our hair and it slowly seeps down the shaft and can contribute to dull, lifeless hair. Think of a 1980's dining room table that is only used on special occasions. The dust on the table piles up between Thanksgiving and Christmas and you wouldn't dare serve dinner on it until it was cleaned and polished - correct?

A Scacial helps to remove that build up/dust/debris that sits on our scalps by providing rejuvenation to the skin and the hair so that you have maximum life in your strands. It also provides an optimal playground for hair to grow.

Using products from the Trichological line called Cesare Regazzi from Italy, products which have a soothing and cell renewal effect, using customized hair masks along with a hair steamer, the products dig deep into your pores and deposit stem cells from Rhododendron leaves which have anti aging properties, rehydrate the hair and scalp, have antioxidant and anti free radical properties. The stem cells from these leaves adapt to harsh climates and temperatures protecting your hair and help it to tolerate the sudden temperature and climate changes. Finally, we complete the process with cashmere proteins which give strength, volume and lift to the hair, making it easy to comb, eliminate static electricity and reduce the formation of split ends, giving strength to worn and frizzy summer hair.

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