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 Thank you so much for visiting my website, I know all too well how difficult it can be to lose your hair. So allow me to tell you a bit about myself.

I was first introduced to hairdressing when I was 5 years old and I cut off my ponytail, although my mom would take me to the hairdresser regularly after that, I simply couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt when I cut it and I was hooked.

Shortly after high school I went into Cosmetology school and spent 23 years behind the chair, loving making people pretty/handsome and most importantly, feel good about themselves!

In 2010, 5 weeks after my second child was born, I got a call from my mother and she had informed me that my Dad had been killed in a car accident. This was the most devastating moment of my life, and unfortunately his death was followed by 7 other family members passing away, my childhood best friend's father and a puppy while getting spayed, all in a span of 18 months.

With all of the stress, the hormone changes from having the baby, the stress manifested itself in my body, and they found suspicious lumps in each breast along with an issue with my heart. This lead to a significant amount of hair loss.

I went to visit my Dermatologist at the time and he told me to "brace for impact, you're going to be bald by the time you're 60". 

As a woman of 37 years, this was devastating, I couldn't believe that it could happen to me, but it was and I was in a position where I was shopping for wigs already, taking down mirrors in my house, avoiding the ones that couldn't come off and just simply avoided making any eye contact with anyone because I felt so unattractive. But I also got inspired (and maybe a little angry), with all of the technology these days, how come they couldn't grow my hair back? Why after spending 10 mins with me can he just say, 'it's hopeless', don't get me wrong, he was a very kind man, extremely knowledgeable, (has since retired) he tried with what he had, which was his own compound that I dabbed with a bingo dabber on my head but my hair was still so weak and brittle and unfortunately the compound made my hair look greasy all the time which reinforced the issue because the "greasy" look made my hair look "see through" and my scalp was shiny like bowling ball - there had to be a way to get my hair back and I was going to find it, despite what I was told.

I was driven by the simple fact that for a woman, losing her hair is like losing her identity and I was never going to let another woman feel like I did on that day. There had to be something more out there, and so my journey into hair loss begun.

I tried every singly product that my little hairdresser hands could get ahold of and its not that they didn't work, but my hair was always still weak and brittle and I couldn't seem to grow more, the amount of hair I had remained the same.

I had a friend introduce me to a hair care company called Monat, however it was a Direct Sales company and I honestly can't stand Direct Sales (or at least back then I couldn't - and the pushy sales people always turned me off).  So before trying it, I decided to research it, because how could a "non-professional" product produce results that were better than what my "professional" products could?  My research took me to National Hair Loss, based out of Scottsdale, AZ and Beverly Hills, CA, they are a front runner in hair loss in the US, they are on top of the latest and the best products and services for those suffering with all types of hair loss and they provide education to their patients as well as Cosmetologists, they are simply some of the best in the industry.

They have since grown tremendously but their original secret to success was Monat along with Low Level Laser Light Therapy with most of their clients, and the results were incredible - so I thought to myself, if its good enough for them, maybe it's good enough for me. 

So I tried it and after a month, I could see regrowth, all of these new little hairs sticking up everywhere, so I contacted the California Division Leader to get some education of my own regarding hair loss and now am proud to say that I am Canada's first National Hair Loss Affiliate.  And my passion for hair loss exploded!

I developed a craving for the science behind hair loss and the products that can help along with the underlying issues that cause hair loss in the first place, so in the fall of 2018, I enrolled with the World Trichology Society, one of the best institutions for Trichology (the study of hair and scalp disorders) in the world, led by Dr. Kingsley who is a master of the industry. I had plenty of time to study because in November of 2018, I went into Atrial Fibrillation and begun a 6 month journey with a serious heart condition, however it allowed me the time to study because I was unable to work, so on the days when I could sit up and not just sleep, I spent my time studying. It proved to be a blessing because in this time, the course requires you to learn about the physiology, chemistry and biology of the human body, so I could learn about my heart and my body while I was getting my education.  

My heart issues also caused me to go through a second round of considerable hair loss, handfuls were coming out by the day and I am so grateful because it was a reminder of how scary it is to lose your hair, so I use that experience along with when my father passed to be able to provide empathy and understanding to my clients.

I'm a research geek at heart, so I was able to understand what was going on in my body at the time and know that it would come back, but I am sincerely humbled when I can pass this same knowledge to the people that come and sit in my chair and give them the encouragement, empathy and simply be a friend and listen to their worry and have them leave my clinic feeling empowered and Hopeful.

In October of 2019, after finishing the 2 year course in 11 months, I received my full certification in Trichology and was given the role of Professor for the Society. That was something I had never dreamed of and was completely elated when I was asked, it was like a dream come true that I never knew I had. 

So I have a great passion for hair and the people that are experiencing hair loss, I love to educate, inspire and empower people by using my own experiences and paying it forward to those that need it. I now educate cosmetologists, cosmetology students, the general public and medical professionals regarding hair loss.  

I will continue to research and keep up with the latest in hair products and services so that I can offer my clients the best and most effective solutions.


Wishing you all the best and Happy Hair Growing!!


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